Mobile Dockwalk and Meter Read


MeterWalk™ is a mobile app used by marinas that perform slip inventory verifications, as well as electricity and utility meter reading. Simply walk the docks performing the appropriate task and then easily synchronize to the back office.

Mobile Dock Walk & Meter Read

Dock Walks

Easily perform dock walks and verify that everyone is in their correct slip assignment.

Meter Reading

MeterWalk™ provides the ability to perform mobile meter readings for easy utility billing.


Once you complete your mobile activity, easily synchronize the data to the back office with a one touch process.

Meter Billing

Once your meter readings are complete and synchronized with the back office, billing for electricity use is now ready.

Inventory Reports

Dock walk reports are readily available to report the results of dock walks for any time in the past.

App Store

The MeterWalk™ mobile app is readily available in both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store.

Mobile Dock Walk
Mobile Meter Reading
Back Office Synchronization
Dock walk Reports
Utility Reading Billing
Available in Apple Store
Available in Google Store

Mobile Dock Walk & Meter Read

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