What we do

We are an “end to end” solution provider of business management solutions specializing in the marina and resort industry. With thousands of users in 22 countries, our enterprise level solutions simplify the operations of all types of properties.

Management Solutions

We are the leading provider of marina management solutions with thousands of users in 22 countries. Our solutions provide a comprehensive management approach for all areas and profit centers of todays marina.


In addition to our easy to use software solutions, we offer a support team second to none. Our support teams consistently receive praise and compliments for their in-depth knowledge and always eager to please attitude.


We understand the implementation of an enterprise level software solution may include a learning curve. We also understand that this learning curve can be eased with proper training. We offer several levels of training that includes sending training personnel to your location to train your staff within your operations with your data or providing internet based training.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

We offer several options for solution deployment. Cloud based hosting is readily available for those wishing to centralize management solutions to a cloud based web server. This allows multiple locations to remotely access management solutions in a central location.

Consumer Based Solutions

We also offer consumer based solutions intended on making it easier for you to work with your customers. These consumer solutions empower your customers to work with you thus simplifying your normal management actions. We offer a wide range of consumer solutions consisting from online bill payments to online wireless vessel monitoring.

Accounting Integration

When it comes to financial and accounting operations, we take a unique approach. Instead of creating our own proprietary “home grown” accounting system, we integrate with commercial accounting solutions in a real-time fashion. Integrating with existing commercial accounting solutions takes the guess work out of financial accounting and provides a proven solution.

Why choose uss?

We're dedicated to giving you the best service possible by keeping our solutions comprehensive, simple and effective. With over two decades of providing proven solutions to thousands of customers, we believe in what we do.

Our core principle is to provide the most comprehensive solutions backed by the best support available. A goal in which we have succeeded.

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