PureFuel POS

Simplified Integrated Fuel Management

Fuel Point-of-Sale

PureFuel POS™ Fuel Management Solution is a dedicated point-of-sale software solution to offer complete integrated fuel management and control. The touchscreen interface provides an easy to use approach to tendering sales while at the same time controlling your fuel dispensers. All the features included in the PureRetail POS™ plus the convenience of fuel management.

Fuel Interface

The integration with the PureFuel-FI ™ fuel management solution provides a touch friendly fuel bar interface. Easily authorize, de-authorize, pre-pay, and cash out fuel transactions with a touch of the finger.

Credit Card Processing

PureFuel POS™ offers completely integrated credit card processing that is fully PCI and EMV compliant. Integrated credit card processing provides a smooth sales process for card present and card not present transactions.

House Account Charges

Internal house account charges, also known as ticket charges are fully supported in PureFuel POS™. Easily include sales transactions to internal customer accounts for billing at a later time. PureFuel POS™ also includes an automatic ticket charge invoicing process that can be initiated upon the z-out process.

Fuel Integration

Operate a fuel dock or gas station? The optional PureFuel-FI/PAP fuel management solution can easily integrate with the PureFuel POS™ creating a comprehensive fuel point-of-sale solution.

Touch Screen Interface
QuickBooks® Integration
Programmable Buttons
Inventory Control
POS Hardware support
Vendor Features
Second Display Support
Cusotmer Loyalty Support
Employee Card Support
Tax and Discount Support
Credit & Gift Card Support
PCI & EMV Compliant

Fuel Point-of-Sale Solution

Integrated Merchant Services

Credit & Debit Processing

Integrated credit and debit card processing is fully supported and compliant with current PCI and EMV reguirements.

Gift Card Processing

Wish to offer your customers gift cards? No problem with the integrated gift card processing system within PureFuel POS™.


Comprehensive Accounting

QuickBooks® Integration

The MarinaOffice™ accounting and financial features provide a unique and “real-time” integration with the very popular QuickBooks® accounting financial software solutions.

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