The most comprehensive marina management software solution available.

Comprehensive Marina Management

MarinaOffice™ exhibits a driving vision to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to ease and simplify the management of today's full service marina. Built on the modern Microsoft .Net platform and utilizing the very popular and proven SQL Server database, MarinaOffice™ is poised to deliver results.

Visual Marina

The MarinaOffice™ “Visual Marina” is a touch enabled, interactive visual representation of your property. One of the only solutions that provide a visual map designer, The MarinaOffice™ Visual Map provides the ability to create interactive maps right out of the box. Easily draw your own marina with docks, buildings, slips, moorings and even dry stack facilities providing a true representation of your property.

Storage & Billing

Storage management and billing is very flexible and simple to perform in MarinaOffice™. Easily manage both long term seasonal tenants, as well as short term transient guests. Providing a one button click billing process automatically creates invoices for all services including rental fees, utility fees, as well as any ticket charges.

Occupancy Tracking

MarinaOffice™ includes a unique visual occupancy tracking system that provides a unique graphical view of your property's occupancy for any point in time. View single and multi-day occupancy periods including the comparison of occupancy between any two periods in time.


Included is a marina reservation system that allows an operator the ability to make and manage reservations for rental property. Utilizing the "quick availability check" process will quickly and easily determine availability for a given set of user defined parameters.

Complete slip management
Multiple property types
Flexible billing periods
Flexible reporting
Utility metering
QuickBooks® integration
Visual map designer
Occupancy graphs
Dynamic reservations
Cloud extensions
Mobile apps
Cloud hosted options

Marina Software Solution

Comprehensive Accounting

QuickBooks® Integration

The MarinaOffice™ accounting and financial features provide a unique and “real-time” integration with the very popular QuickBooks® accounting financial software solutions.

Empower your customers with online services

Paperless Billing

Save time and money with the MARIAH paperless billing solution. Easily deliver your billing invoices electronically to your customers.

Online Bill Pay

Continuing the paperless billing concept, your customers can easily and securely sign into their online account to view, print, and/or pay billing invoices.

E-Signature Contracts

The days of mailing paper contracts are gone. Now you may send digital interactive contracts to your customers with state of the art e-signature signing services.

Online Reservations

Empower your customers to make their own transient reservations with our all new online reservation system. Determine real-time availability with back-office connectivity.

Features and Options

Marina Management

Easily manage your wet slips, dry storage, or any other rental type with the interactive visual marina map. Touch screen friendly, all the tools you need are available to streamline the management operations of your property.

Storage & Billing

Managing the rental of wet slips, mooring, dry storage, and more is very simple with the MarinaOffice™ solution. When it comes time for billing, a one button click will generate all of the required invoices in minutes.

Comprehensive Accounting

No home grown accounting feature here! The MarinaOffice™ Suite of Solutions provides a comprehensive “real-time” integration with QuickBooks® Financials, the leading accounting software solution.


Easily manage rental reservations with the visual quick availability check. With support for both “hard” and “soft” reservation types, reservation management could not be simpler.

Rental Contracts

Several options are available for your rental contracts. Easily scan paper contracts, generate mail-merge type contracts, or utilize our new e-signature rental contracts in order to deliver digital contracts with e-signing capability.

Visual Map Designer

One of the only marina management solutions that provides a visual marina map designer right out of the box. Easily create and modify your own interactive property maps with the visual map designer.

Retail Point-of-Sale

The PureRetail™ POS is just what you need for fast and efficient sales transactions in your retail store or ship store.


Fuel Management

The very popular PureFuel-FI / PAP fuel management solution is perfect to integrate and control your fuel dispensers.


Launch Scheduling

Better manage your dry storage facility and easily schedule the launch, haul, and retrieval of boats in and out of the water.


Boat Yard Service

Have a boat yard or service shop? The PureService™ work order management and service solution is exactly what you need to manage your service requirements.


Boat Rental

Take advantage of our new boat rental management solution with a drag and drop rental calendar and other user friendly features.


Mobile Apps

Want to be mobile? No problem with our library of mobile apps in both the Apple app store as well as the Android Google Play store.



Our restaurant management solution provides an easy way to run your restaurant or food service with direct integration with the rest of our solutions for a unified billing approach.


Cloud Services

Connecting with your customers could not be easier with our cloud based services. A vast array of consumer based web apps empowers your customers to do more.


E-Signature Documents

Gone are the days of sending paper contracts and other documents. We offer the first marina integrated e-signature contract and document delivery service.

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